My job is to make the players suffer :)

The game will be a horror. Ghols and Ghost images will appear suddenly. each wrong move will make a scream sound and each Bulls and Cows game fail will turn one light off untill the room is dark and a Genie appears sticking in the corner of the room :heart_eyes: .
Everytime you step closer to the second room, the door will go more away from you.
And at last, once you solve the last puzzle (which is indeed unnecessary :japanese_ogre:) a count down will appear and if you dont go back to first room and solve the light order it will show you a real horor image and a huge women scream sound and the game is over or stuff in the room will go messy again and order of lights will change. :joy:


I love this idea! Keep us posted with updates!

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Wow Devl so you are onto the section 3 now. Liking the resolution already


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