My Hacker Terminal Build

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Hi Brittany,

Very nice.

A couple of thoughts for you;

  • On the third level I noticed that, because you are using names, there is a capital letter. This gives the user more of a clue as to the first letter
  • On a very related note, if you enter “gollum” for example, you are wrong. It might be best to offer a case-insensitive validation, e.g.
if(input.ToLower() == password.ToLower())
    // case-insensitive matching

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Very nice ascii art too, I especially liked the flames. :fire:

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Thanks! Good points all around. Didn’t catch that as my husband (aka tester) is fairly finicky and insists on caps where they’re needed anyway.

Thinking I might opt to all caps for display (because I can’t stand proper nouns/names to be lower case if I can help it) then allow for any casing from input.

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No worries.

In the case of all caps, just pop .ToUpper() on th end of the string that is going to be output, e.g;

string message = "Hello World!");



Thanks! Knew I could get there (I can putz around with Java, figured it wouldn’t be too different in C#), but this makes life easier. :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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