My grassland scene

Having found the grass a little frustrating in the fluffy bunny section I’ve done some extra curricular learning and this is my best result so far (no rabbit in this scene tho), feeling much happier with the result now.

Settings: 1080p @ 100% - 600 cycles


Wow, this looks great!
The only things I would change would be the repeated pattern on the path and maybe reduce the number of flowers left to the path. On the right side it looks perfect in my opinion.
How did you add the mist? Is there any postproduction to the picture or is it entirely made in blender?
You’ve done a really fantastic job.

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Thanks Stefan, I agree with the path I tried to roughen it up a bit but there’s definitely too much repeating pattern going on.
This is all done in blender, scene setup attached

The mist is actually really simple, add a cube mesh to your scene then using cycles render add a volume scatter shader to the cube material, you can then adjust the density to change how much light gets through, i.e. how thick the mist is. You can also play about with the uniformness of the mist using image texture or gradient texture nodes, my scene used a gradient texture to give a feel that the mist was thinning as it rose.

It’s known as volumetric lighting, I’m keen to learn more on it so hoping it comes up further into the blender course but there’s plenty of tutorials on youtube if not :wink:

I’ve done some things with volume scatter as well, but only for visible light rays.
This is of course a great solution for mist. I tried once to make mist with smoke and threw it away at some point because it only makes the rendering way too slow without achieving a good effect (at least in my scene this was the case)

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Give it a try I’d love to see your results, it’s great to help each other learn :smiley:

Wow, at first glance I thought that was the photo reference you were going to use! The tree and bushes are especially realistic, did you just use sapling and the techniquest in the bunny section for them?

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Hi Stephen unfortunately I can’t take credit for the bushes they were free assets I used to build the scene as part of the tutorial, they are super nice tho :blush:

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