My GPU Render Doesn't Work!

My GPU Render is not working. I have opened up the BMW file to it’s default settings and started to Render the image. This is what it looks like after 5 minutes of waiting:

Just incase it has to do with my User Preferences, here you go:

I also tried cancelling this Render many times. I have reinstalled Nvidia and also have restarted my computer. It is impossible to get out of this situation unless you force quit Blender or restart your MacBook air.

Since I am on MacBook Air, I wanted to make sure in my System Preferences , my Nvidia showed “No GPU detected” Take a look:

If anything I posted had to do with the problem, please help me out. I would be so thankful.

I think the newer MacBook Airs just have an Intel Graphics accelerator, which isn’t a real dedicated graphics card. I don’t think there is any way you can do a GPU render on a MacBook Air. You might want to look at getting a MacBook Pro or iMac for rendering.

Thanks so much for this answer. Should I render on Cycles Render CPU, or on Blender Render? Which one do you suggest?

Your last picture of the CUDA drive was the winner. I was going to suggest making sure you had lights turned on and set to render but… A Macbook Air doesn’t have a separate graphics card so no GPU. Just the built in CPU. So bottom line it won’t work on that computer. You can click on the apple top left of your screen “About This Mac” and then select “System Report” and look and see what it has under graphics.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll stick for CPU. You saved my life!

Though I have a quad core MacBook Pro, my Cycles works twice as fast in CPU mode on my computer than in GPU and I have a good graphics card. So don’t worry about it.

Blender Render for simple projects, definitely. You should also be able to do CPU Cycles renders when you want some better quality, too. I’m not sure what year model MacBook Air you have, and MacBook Airs are weird because they use a custom version of the Intel i5 that isn’t really like the i5 in other computers, but I’m pretty sure you will have 4 threads on that processor. You should be able to do CPU Cycles decently if you go for a small tile size in the render so that you can access all the threads at once.

I didn’t see KarateAthlete posting, but I agree with everything he says.

Thankyou everyone for the fast response,!


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