My "Getting Started Mid Section Challenge" Very low-poly room

This is my “Submission” to the mid section challenge Lego-like render, i’ve decided to play around and try to recreate my own room just with primitives, and basics materials. It took 59 minutes to do this, like you said in the video, deadlines are deadlines, so i had to stop…
I will gladly recive suggestion on how to make things better!
Honestly i think that this course is awesome, not too fast and not too slow, very high overall quality, keep up with the good work!

Edit: here is the updated version with better lighting and reflective materials, hope you like it :v:t3:



Good scene, place your progress in the Show channel. For more visibillity.


Wait, isn’t my topic in the Show channel? How do i do it?

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Welcome to this site.

The post is now at least is in show, perhaps it was not earlier.

It is a very good room scene Lots of items put into it.


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