Thought I’d share what I came up with, and then modified after completing the lecture.

I made a simple RTF file so I’m just copy/pasting here.

Battle Tank
A simple third person tank game with mortars.

Concept - Drive a tank around a terrain map using “fly by wire” controls similar to those found in the game “World of Tanks.” The tank will battle against another tank in the map which will be controlled by either the AI or an opposing player. Fighthing will occur with a mortar gun equipped on each tank which fires explosive mortar rounds that damage the other tank on impact.
⦁ Players have finite ammo and health
⦁ Kill the other player(s) to get a point
⦁ Kill the other tank by doing enough damage
⦁ Most points in time limit wins the game
⦁ Tanks spawn in random locations and respawn after a delay upon death
⦁ Shooting the mortar should enforce a delay until the next shot can be taken, and the mortar should have a blast radius

Technical Requirements
⦁ The keyboard controller will manage the movement of the tank itself while the mouse will manage the mortar.
⦁ The terrain map should have invisible walls or edges to prevent the tanks from going off the edge.
⦁ The terrain map should have a variety of basic textures to represent types of terrain.
⦁ The game should include a basic music soundtrack in the background.
⦁ An A.I. tank that is somewhat challenging to make the game fun.
⦁ The game should produce audio sounds for:

  • firing the morter
  • the morter exploding
  • the tank moving
  • the player losing
  • the player winning
    ⦁ Movement should be slower to turn then going forward and backwards and move at a sluggish speed to simulate the speed of a tank. Slow to start movement with a steady increase in speed to a sluggish pace.
    ⦁ Ability to change the volume of your sound and your screen name.
    ⦁ Ability to play another person using a single input device in another pane/screen/monitor.
    ⦁ More then one tank model players can choose from should be supported.

⦁ SoundFX
⦁ Static Mesh
⦁ Textures
⦁ Music

Iteration Cycle

  1. World Development
  2. Tank Development
  3. Controls Development
  4. Player 2 Development
  5. UI Development
  6. Repeat
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Very detailed Game Description Document. Excellent job!

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