My Gaurd Doesn't Animate When Walking or Running

My Guard Doesn’t Animate When Walking or Running. However, it performs the catch.
I know that the walk and run animation depend on the speed but there is no speed variable in the Guard Blueprint. This is frustrating. Can anybody help?

There are a number of things this could be.
The first is the animation blueprint is not set on the Robber Blueprint.
The next thing that it could be is the speed of the player movement is not being passed into the animation blueprint on movement.
Lastly, the configuration of the 2D blendspace that is to be used in the animation blueprint may be wrong. Check here to see where it transitions from idle, to walk to jog.

From what you’ve posted, this is pretty much all I can suggest without more information.

As always, re-watch videos relating to this setup as it could be a checkbox or something you’ve missed during initial setup.

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