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Hello Everyone!
I’m Ricsi from Hungary 19 years old still in high school, and I want to tell you my journey on how I became a game developer and how helped doing so.

I’ve always been interested in programming, at the age of 12 I started using game maker but back then I could barelly speak english and knew nothing of programming still I loved it a lot, I just copied codes from youtube videos & web. I enjoyed “my games” so much. This was my first glance at programming, but after a few weeks of copy pasting I got bored of it as I couldn’t make anything on my own nor did I understand what I was doing.

Few years after 2015 at the age of 15, due to simple education my english got a lot better and I was still very interested in programming, so I started again, but this time around I’ve even understood those videos, not the code yet but I had a basic understanding about what I did. I was doing a lot of youtube video copy pasting again (copying HeartBeast codes mainly). I joined some hungarian developer communities on facebook as well (administrator in some of them since :stuck_out_tongue:) and asked my silly questions there. The game maker facebook community was very friendly and helpful and after some while I started to actually understand basic concepts of programming. I understood variables, if statements, switches, using functions and passing it parameters, etc… I’ve even managed to make my very first game, luckily it is still available, please note that this time I understood english but was still terrible at it.

So I got stuck at this stage for a few years. Using these basic concepts, always getting a bit better but I was improving very slowly. I was just simply stuck with game maker for 2 years and I didn’t program in anything else. In that 2 years I tried switching to unity many times but C# and OOP was too hard for me at first and I always gave up and returned to game maker. I’ve written some basic C# and C++ code but just very basic console stuff. (What I made after 2 years in game maker)

Then somehow in the second half of 2017 I just decided to learn unity whatever it takes, and started it. Still I was very demotivated as I felt like when I started programming again but in a good half year (because I spent so little time on it) I mastered the very basic concepts of unity.

2018 bought the 2D unity course of from udemy and it amazed me. It just gave me a moral boost and I started eating new concepts like there is no tomorrow. I got a lot better with unity and after making through half of the course I kind of started doing my own projects and learning from different places, but if not for this course I wouldn’t have gotten there with unity. Mastered tons of new things and concepts and pretty much started using other program languages as well. So my knowledge of programming started growing very fast with the start of this course

April of 2019.
After releasing a game to google play, entering some programming competitions, and making a devlog I got to a really good level of Unity (not professional or master just I was very confident with unity) I got a job as a junior unity developer in a small team. I work for a self-employed who works for a big company, and it feels so great.

7 years since I’m familiar with programming.
4 years since I started doing programming on my own, making my own games
2 years of intense learning (not so intense but this 2 years worth more than all the other years)
2 weeks since I work as a junior developer

So I wrote this just to thank because without your course I don’t think I would have gotten into unity so fast, and I’d deffenetly not work as a junior today :blush:

If you read this through thank you, I hope it helps others to keep motivated, sadly I wasn’t so motivated for many years, by now I should be so much better at programming if I spent more of my time on this in the past. Also this is kind of a shortened version of the story, so sorry for that.

Please don’t hesitate to write your own story in the comments even if you are not at the end yet (neither am I) or tell us how helped you.

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