My game theme, title and onion design

Title: Ring Dive

Theme :
On deep ocean trying to find the ring and stay alive.

You and your partner have decided to set sail.
On this voyage, you planned to propose marriage at a romantic dinner aboard the ship.
When your partner is out for a moment to vacate, you take out the ring box to prepare for the proposal. But at that moment you slipped and the ring flew from your hand to the sea.

In utter shock, you decide to jump into the sea to return the ring before it sinks to the depths of the ocean. Will you be able to find the ring and get back to the offer in time? Or will you return empty-handed?

Game Design:

  • Player Experience:
    Save a couple’s engagement.

  • Core Mechanic:
    Swim and avoid environmental obstacles without running out of air to breathe.

  • Core game loop:
    Get from A to B to complete the level, then progress to the next level.
    In the last level, you need to collect the engagement ring and return it to the ship.


Really original idea, I really like it.

Thank you @PaulB7538 :blush:

And this is exactly why I proposed with the muselet of a cava bottle. Haha. Great idea!

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Haha :joy: Thank you @Jackie :slight_smile:

Woww!!! That’s amazing! Can’t wait to see your game, you made me wanna play it.

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Thank you @AnnaFerronato :blush:
Due to a recent period load, I stopped the game development process.
But I hope to continue developing this game soon :slight_smile:

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