My game theme: Saving Bella

Hello there, it’s been a while since I last posted. I decided to take a break from everything I was doing and enjoy a little vacation. Now I’m back and super exicited to continue learning.

I had already choosen a theme but I changed my mind now that I’m back. So here’s the back story for you:

You were hired by a super wealthy misterious man to find his wife Bella. Word is that she got abducted by aliens. You find that hard to belive but hey that payroll is huge. Now you gotta go to space to try and find Bella. Are you going to take that mission. Is this even for real?

Now the game design:

Player Experience:

Find Bella

Core Mechanic:

Navigate through space without hitting anything or running out of fuel

Core game loop:

Get from point A to point B to complete the level and then move on to the next more challenging level.

The name will be Saving Bella, I know pretty stupid.

That’s it for now, I have other ideias in mind but for now I decided to keep it simple. I’d love to hear suggestions on how I could improve my game design. ]


I love the theme and idea of your game!

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Thank you!

Cool idea! I love it :slight_smile: good job!

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Sounds like something that is shaping up well :slight_smile:

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