My game size is 358 mb and taking much memory then it should be

I packaged the marblerun game. When I was playing the game I figured out it takes %20 cpu which I don’t think should be but most inportant for a basic game it is weird to be take 358 mb space. I did everything shown in the video. Is it normal or did I make something wrong ? I have 10. generation i5 4 core 8 thread processor.

Games will take as much as the engine requires and the resources use. Eg you can include one resource that takes up more space or you can include 10,000 resources that take up the space of that one resource.

It is both possibly normal and possibly not normal. All depends. If you want to take up less space, you can use a different engine, use different resources, etc.

Both of those seem about normal to me. UE4 projects have a large footprint without sime serious optimizations, and 20% CPU seems about normal given that some applications that aren’t games can end up using more.

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