My game moment - project boost

Started not too long ago, but limited on time. I’m hoping to work on all of the tutorials to learn.

As this one may show, my son said it needed more blasters … he meant on the ship, but I like the idea of being unarmed and having to get through anyways. Took a while to work out the turrets. Used the oscillation code in a different way, but it was rewarding I think. Blaster bolts from Astroid shooter tutorial… modified.


I like the side landing and sounds.

Well done

I agree with Velcronator! The landing sound was very rewarding and had nice tonalities. I like your use of enemy blasters and the flashlight on the ship. I’m very early on in this lesson, but I am excited to work on it. Seems like a fun project.
Good job on your game!

Thanks for the words of encouragement :slight_smile:

The landing sound is the same one that is provided in the course … but slowed down quite a bit. As suggested in the course, I was playing around with the settings and just kind of happened onto it. I was thinking of making the side landing a tube to go in… In any case, its back into the lessons as I spent quite a bit of time just ‘tooling around’

Funny, a couple lessons from that is to share … so sharing it with a web build here.

I noticed the lighting doesn’t seem to work the same in WebGL/HTML5 versus building for the PC. Possibly due to quality levels. At any rate, if anyone wants to play it. Let me know what you think the hardest levels are. 7 total levels, then it loops. The preview vid up top is the second to last and last levels.


Boost: Space bar or UP arrow
Turn: Left and Right arrows
zoom: Mouse wheel

Per the course, touch the green pads…

Thank you in advance for the feedback!

Woah! You seem to be pretty ahead already using missiles and all, super cool :slight_smile:

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