My Game HUD

Hello everyone,

Check this out. My bottom HUD for a weird (merged-themes) action game. :sweat_smile: :grin:
Pistols and fireballs as primary weapon choices. A shield :rofl: (with blood on it already) used to defend against bullets? Probably? :lying_face:

Can you guys tell what the other 4 buttons are for?

Game HUD

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I feel like I’m wrong but I think that the last 4 buttons do:

  1. Invisible
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Call car
  4. Basketball

This is very creative! Keep it up!

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You absolutely nailed it!!
Before getting done with it, I felt like the basketball was really weirdly out of sync with the rest but then I was like, maybe it’ll be a cheat or an intentional bug in the game.
And yeah, thank you for the support man. :raised_hands:

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Did I really!? Look at that! :smiley:

I like the basketball I was like maybe you spawn a basketball and allows you to do some kind of super power move like in super smash bros.

Anytime man keep it up!

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Oh yes, you absolutely did!

I mean, one could come up with different interpretations, especially for the invisibility one. I honestly didn’t expect it to be guessed so exactly, but you just came up with what I precisely had in my mind.

Also, I’ve checked out some of your work as well man. It’s really amazing and acted as inspiration for me recently. I haven’t started with the Blender Course or 3D-Art yet, but hope to get there soon. :slight_smile:

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See great minds do think a like! :wink:

I really appreciate that. I have been struggling with Unreal and C++ lately so haven’t pushed anything new recently but all I can say is soon. I want to slowly make the separate components that make an RPG. I fell in love with Outer Worlds and want to learn how to build one. The simple shooter in the Unreal C++ course just came out and i’m so excited because it is exactly what I needed.

Oh! is releasing an update version of the Blender Character Course! I think you are going to love it!