My Game -- Halloween Theme!


Hi Russell,

Well done on completing this section of the course and publishing your game. :slight_smile:

You bat level design shown in your post was one of the main reasons for wanting to play it, it looks like a nicely designed level.

I liked the multi-ball power-up mechanic you have added also, very good.

Thanks! This section was a lot of FUN!
I moved the ‘BAT’ to the 3rd level in the game…I also setup a method that keeps track of LIVES. I give the player 5 lives to complete the game.

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It’s great that you’ve really enjoyed this section and well done for the extra mechanics you have added :slight_smile:

I loved the background and the Halloween theme. Thank you for giving me more than one try on your first level, I needed it.:grinning: I liked the extra ball feature and the rotated blocks. I think your game deserves a custom paddle, ball, game over background and spooky music.

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Thanks for the feedback…those are great ideas! I’d like to come back and polish the game much more when I complete the course.

Thanks for playing!

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