[My Game] Glitch Dungeon

I finally completed my version of the Glitch Garden course - would absolutely love for you guys to try it out!

You can play it in your browser or download and play on your pc


I love the art choice!

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This is a nicely done game. I enjoyed your art work very much. The start screen is just awesome. Your characters - attackers and defenders - are well designed and conceived.
As for the levels themselves, I thought the rhythm of the waves a little slow and I would have loved to have some more coins, especially at lvl 7 which I couldn’t finish because in the beginning of it I couldn’t get out enough defenders and then all the sudden the waves just were too big.
What I didn’t like is the shaking at the end (I thought the extra feature grand though) and the design of the barriers.
To sum it up - the game was totally worth the waiting!

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Thank you so much for your feedback - I appreciate it.
Yeah I found it quite difficult to balance the game difficulty - it’s hard when you keep playing the game yourself because it becomes very easy, and when I tried tweaking the difficulty then I made it too easy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

At the end of the day it is a type of strategy game, so I can tell you that level 7 and the levels there-after are definitely doable, but require a bit more strategy compared to the levels that came before.
That said, I know it’s an aspect of Game dev that needs a lot more time than I was willing to give and I will take your advice for sure.

As for the screenshake, I wanted to give it a try and I did want some sort of clear visual feedback that you had lost health - but I guess it might not be for everyone :wink:

Thanks again for playing, and thanks a mil for your feedback!

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