My Frist Gmaeplay with Particles! and Level Remake

Escape the Space Junkyard !!
I activate the gravity upon death to make it more dramatic


That’s so cool!

Really awesome, but at the same time really confusing on what is an obstacle or not.

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I’m really amazed by this community. I’ve never seen a community like this. All the community I’ve joined until now is not that satisfying as this one. Whenever I’ve a question I get a response within about 1h to 2h. This community is great.

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Of course man! I am always here for you man. The team is always here for you and we have many platforms to help you with your game development journey. Even if we can’t get to you In time we have a podcast with a variety of topics to help answer any question you have.

Yeah, I’ve seen that. That’s why I said it is the best community i’ve seen until now

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We appreciate the comments. I shared with the team your kind words :smiley:

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Thank you

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