My flying 'castle'

I originally posted on the Udemy course site but it’s much more active over here so I’m reposting!

This was a lot of fun! I definitely took way too long with this piece but it’s been challenging to adjust to using a pen and tablet again. It took me a while to get my strokes on the tablet to match what I wanted on the screen. It really helped once I got used to rotating and zooming on my canvas.

The other thing that tripped me up quite a bit is that I chose to do these pyramids which I intended to have a clean, geometric feel which doesn’t work well with beginner level hatching practice! Way more flat, consistent shading areas which is really really hard to do looking good my first time out! I chose this one to follow along with my own style but didn’t really match what was happening in the lectures but that’s ok! I still had a lot of fun doing it! Looking forward to keeping up the practice and moving through the course!


A fun and consistent idea.

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Nice Idea :slight_smile:

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