My Floating Fantasy Castle

Last week I started the Complete Drawing Course. I have never been good at drawing but I am hoping that this course will provide me with the necessary skills to sketch my own ideas to then use these sketches as reference images in Blender. Seeing as I already followed a Blender course, taught by Grant, I have no doubt that I will enjoy this course as well.
So here is my fantasy castle, with a portal for inter-castle-travel :wink:


The mix of roofs and the portal both remind me of Treasure Galaxy =)


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I didn’t know this game but it does indeed look similar. It doesn’t have a portal though :crazy_face:
I like the use of crystals, especially for the domes.

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In this game, the portal appears only for a short time when you’re returning from another region of space. It appears above that grey satellite on the right.

The crystals in particular always stuck with me as well. Collecting them is actually the main objective of the game! Thanks for bringing this memory back to me, ha!

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