My Floating Castle

Wow, really pleased by the result … Not necessarily the best of drawings, but it’s just an awesome feeling to know “hey, I drew this all by myself” and “no, this is not an exact replica of any other image/castle/zeppelin/… in the world; this sprouted from my own fantasy (okay, based on references, but still) and just some random strokes here and there” … And that something like this didn’t even require hours and hours, day after day, of practice yet!

Of course, thanks to the guidance of Grant, who showed how to make those floating rocks “rocky”, how to make the castle walls “bricky” without drawing all bricks, … Wouldn’t have been able to do it all by myself yet, but still, great feeling to know that this is possible with my own pen and paper, out of my own fantasy (with lots of guidance) :star_struck:

I shot myself in the foot by having a more complex zeppelin-type balloon (I didn’t know in advance that we were going to be using the image for a couple of lectures) and the dead tree where I was forced to try myself :sweat_smile:


Hi, a very nice drawing.
Shading is good.
And yes, sometimes we lose ourselves by adding more and more.
But it’s the learning curve. Well done.
And enjoy

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