My first work in Blender

I’m really loving this course so far , hope this looks ok for the beginner. :slight_smile:


Welcome back, and yes your well render is looking good. :slight_smile:


Yes, nothing wrong. Only you could rotate each stone/bricks layer of the well. Overlapping bricks.
For composition, you could set the well in the middle of the camera. It is the object of attention. Not the green grass.

Have fun and hop on over to the next challenge!


Welcome to this site.

Great you are enjoying the course!
Looks a good well as a first work.
You will be able to improve it once you have completed the course though.

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it’s very nice, well done there xxx, I’m learning too - here are my cars, a bit wrong but i had a go, lol xxx. I havn’t learned how to render yet but when i tried i couldn’t understand yet, I’ll getthere


Thank you!

Thank you for advice!

Yeah hopefully i get a lot better! Thank you!

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Thats awesome! Love how you manipulated primitive shapes like that!

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Thank you for getting back to me, I am studying hard and working towards the goal of making my own animated movie. I also need some help where is my movie, I have 12 characters and I need some voice actors to read the parts. If you would be interested in this I could give you a small part and obviously 1% of the net profits and a movie credit. It will be a year or two until I finished and I can’t promise it will be a success, but I’m having a go. XXX thank you again

That is ambitious!
12 characters to model! Texture. Animate.

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