My First Website

Hi Everyone,

I just created my first website, and would love some feedback. What do you think of the design and layout?

Mundane Games

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Good start for a website but please leave out the profanity! Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback. Replaced word with ‘butt’

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Personally, I do not like it. And that for several reasons:

  1. The website has a very basic feel to it with some very odd design choices, in Google Chrome for example the logo is cut off in the header, the tips of the triangles are slices off. The background of the header has a dirty white color to it. Yet directly below it, the navigation bar has a pure white background color. The navigation buttons have a super wide margin on either sides, have a considerable margin at the top, yet are then placed rather close to the suddenly grey separator bar. The header of actual text has yet another color of grey attached to it. Now giving us blue, green and already 2 shades of grey. The e-mail address box is a bit difficult to tell, but it appears to be yet another shade of grey? The submit box is certainly a different shade of blue and green however.

  2. Upon navigating the website the user is confronted with constant sliding effects. Fun in a tech demo or as part of a portfolio showcase for something self-created. But on an actual website like this, it adds nothing.

  3. The source code of the website, it is an absolute nightmare. And likely also explains the reason on as to why the above two points are there. It reads prefab website all over, probably through a service like And it shows.

All of this is not meant to be harsh, don’t get me wrong. But your website is like your greeting card, it is where first impressions are made. I would suggest to restart the design from the ground up. Look at some design portfolios available, e.g. from FullyIllustrated. Don’t even think about the HTML or CSS in this stage yet, just mock it up in e.g. Illustrator or InDesign. And once you have the look going for it what you want, translate it to HTML.

Looks nice!

its not loading for me :confused:

Not working for me neither

I get an error message. “This Site Can’t Be Reached”

“Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.”
There are some problems with your site :frowning:

I don’t know why the site doesn’t work for most users, but everything loads fine for me. The design looks pretty good; I like minimalism. However, you should refine a few details to make it look solid.
First of all, do not be afraid to use complex elements to make the site page seem full. Secondly, you should read about the proper creation of headlines. This is very important if you want your site to be found when searching.
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The site is not accessible on my side.

I wish you the best !

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