My first VR challenge

I’m attending the Unreal VR course and here is the first task:

My VR goal is to create a open world VR game.
I’m planning to work on the course at least 1 hour each day
I have no side project yet but will start with it parallel to the course
I have a good old oculus rift and this bad boy is still running after 7 years
I am looking forward to each problem and the solution that make the features finally work


I hope you succeed, I really do and don’t mean to be discouraging but, in my opinion, a fully open-world game as your first project feels a bit like a tall order. Perhaps you should start smaller, like a single village you could explore and build your way up from there.

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Hi, thanks for your comment. I worked on some small projects to get into the dev experience and now I have this idea of a open world VR game. Starting small and working on more and more content along the way is the idea. Part of the game will be a start area. From there the world opens up as you play. So I guess my first goal is to finish the startet area and go from there.

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