My First Unreal Engine game - The Passing (Published on

Hi All,

Here to share a game I created in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints. It’s a short 3D game with a creepy atmosphere in which the player uncovers the mystery of our unnamed protagonist. Created in a month with free assets available online, with a credits page to show appreciation for the artists work.

Tried to make it as polished and professional as possible. It’s free and readily available on itch. I haven’t been able to get my friends to try it out so I am not sure if its a good attempt or not. Hopefully, at least a few from this community will try it out. I really need some feedback on my game. I started my game development journey from game dev courses two years ago. Coming here with a lot of hope.

So, wasting no more reading time I have shared the link below. Fingers crossed you will like it :wink:

Game download link: The Passing

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