My First Unity Car


Hi guys! Glad to be part of the community. This is my first experience with game design and here is my first car from the course. I’ll appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Looks great! The main point of this section is to make Unity less: ominous, ambiguous, mysterious. By building the model you get to do something “productive” in Unity, without having had to do hours and hours of learning about Unity.

I can tell you’re feeling fairly comfortable so far, because of the # of shapes you used, and the fact that you seem to have a high degree of precision/uniformity.

Getting used to moving from panel to panel, i.e. hierarchy, scene and inspector:transform were probably where you did most of this, to accomplish your specific goals is a great step.

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Nice car, I particularly like the details on the wheels and the sloping windscreen.

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Thank you! This section did a great job of making me feel comfortable U.I… Plus, watching something develop out of nothing is quite an experience, especially with how fast you can build your ideas in this system. I can’t wait to learn more and see what else I can put together! I really appreciate the feedback, Thanks again!

Thank you! It was fun trying to contemplate the best way to do it because the simple rectangular top just didn’t look right to me. There are obviously better ways to do it (Probably with some kind of curve or arch), but that just leaves me excited to keep learning more along the way and maybe I can come back add more detail later. :slight_smile:

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