My first tiled Blender texture, just a report

I’ve created a low level wall texture. Using the grid of 4x4 units, needed to scale (proportion) the wall stones.
But as you can see, there’s a huge difference, between the bit mapped wall, and the fine details in the door-, windows frames.
My three windows aren’t 4x4 but 2x4, because they are small. Managing the UV map, I re-used the tiled texture. This part was a big success, because textures, fits nicely when mesh object are aligned.
For example the two window at the right, and the one window will part of a basic wall. The all share the same bitmap, but a half, or even in one window its mirrored.

NOTE. I put a lot of effort in detailing the door- window frames, but you don’t see it. Maybe I downgrade, less faces to render.


Nicely done! The detail is very nice in the close up shot and you can see some of at a distance.

I think the amount of detail is up to you and whatever purpose you need it for. Close up shots the extra detailing would be great. Maybe you could use a more detailed texture to help keep your counts low but then again, I think that is going to depend on what your mesh is going to be used for. Even a slightly darker or lighter texture for the door & window frames to make them appear to stand from the structure might serve you just as well and avoid too much geometry. Just a thought!

You at least stuck with it! I gave up without more detailed instructions how to build the darn thing! :slight_smile: I think what you have done is great!

Well it’s a work in progress. I Like this church lecture, because of the Level Of Detail set-up. My window frame is a nice example of this. Much detail and (render time) for nothing.
And yes, I think more detailed texturing can enhance the composition. I hope to learn more in the next lectures.

For now I’ve added and environmental sky map, dramatically changing the scenery. I also changed the window door frame colors, but reverted, it was to dark color. I fix that one, another time. So much to do. Time consuming project ;).


Yes, it is a very time consuming project, which you have done a great job with. I like how this looks with the environmental map added. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

I really like your work on the lightning and the attention to detail. My only nitpick would be about the pillars, which seem to pass through the wall. But I know it’s a work in progress.

Pillars in the wall are intended, artist freedom … :wink:
But I understand what you mean. maybe I change it.

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