My First room stetch

This room is designed with simplicity, the player gets a feel for where to traverse based on visibility and by making short transitions through the first section of the level back and forth to progress is hinted at through looking at where the path from the 2nd unlock leads. Specifics for how the doors get unlocked are not documented within the sketch to enable different methods to be built based on gameplay mechanics that can be implemented at this stage. Same goes for empty prop layouts, the actual build will feature some environmental assets throughout the building to give the game atmosphere

Additionally if anyone knows any good open source software to do sketches drawings etc please let me know, it’d sure beat using paint

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Just thought i’d add on some extra information about the design idea, the “Escape” is from the level, each room will progressively teach the player new mechanics and build up the complexity of the puzzles, think Portal style, it starts of with relative simplicity and learning how the player moves, and builds them up to using multiple mechanics at the same time taught from the ground up

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