My first published game - Crabby Catch

After taking the Unity 1.0 course. I started as a complete coding novice and finished the course with an ability to create a fully functional (although very basic) game.

It is designed for kids with simple cutesy pixel graphics and a simple core mechanic utilising tilt controls. (I also went with a crab character because my 4 year old neice told me to :sweat_smile:

Please check it out and let me know if you enjoyed it or how I could maybe improve it. I published it a while ago but after some time out am back and using the Unity 2.0 course to refresh my knowledge and hopefully make more games!

Android - Crabby Catch
Microsoft Store - Crabby Catch

Please note the game will only run on mobile devices :iphone:

The microsoft store link is broken, but the game seems great from what you have said :smiley:

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