My First Published Game ~ Arcane Annihilation

I posted a discussion a while back on my progress with the game, and here is the finished result! Arcane Annihilation is a blast-em-up game where you control a mage, and you must fend off the evil knights who are ordered to kill you.You can check out the finished game over here:

Since this is my first game which I released, feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hello @Alex_Hetrick,

Congratulations for your first published game, awesome art and pretty different!

I tried it, and I liked it a lot, i just think that:
*The enemy respawn could use some more order or logic (perhaps a couple of “spawn runes” around the play space that spawns enemies);

*There could be an collision between the enemies so they don`t stack on the same place;

*Would be nice to have another type of enemy (like some archer, for example;

*You should explain the controls to the player before starting the game.

The game art is very good, congratulations, Looking forward to see new games made by you.

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Thanks! I do get the problem a lot that I need to explain the controls in-game, and that I need different enemy types. Also, the idea of “spawn runes” isn’t a bad idea. If I make another game with a similar style to this, I’ll do something like that. But, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by collision between enemies. Do you mean that if enemies collide, they spread apart from each other?

I really appreciate the compliments on the art. I’ve done some static renders, but this is the first time I’ve animated and imported a rigged model into a game engine! I will be posting my games here, and maybe even some make a post or two on the progress I’ve made, so expect more posts from me in the future! :smile:

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Awesome!!! looking forward to see more of your work in this game and new games as well =D

About the collision, I mean that you could allow their colliders to collide with each other, so they can’t enter inside one another. But to be honest, I’ve no clue on how to do that, perhaps it would cause more problems than it would solve xD

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Well, I don’t plan to work on this game any further. This game was just a learning experience, and a way to get feedback. :smile:

I’m not sure what exactly is happening on your end, but the enemies do collide with each other. Maybe it’s a bug with the web player or something, because I think someone else hinted me about that.

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Fair enough @Alex_Hetrick =)

This is an strange thing indeed, there are some problems that appear in the web build in my games that don`t seems to happen when I build it as .exe or even when we play through the unity software. It seems that some methods just don’t work very well on the WEB build, but I’m not sure.

By the way, did you made those models in Blender?

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That’s weird. I would assume that’s the cause of unity not supporting the web player anymore, which is a shame.

About the models, yes I did. I followed Michael’s blender course, which is amazing by the way, and am a big follower of, which is one of the best low poly artists on youtube in my opinion. :smile:

If you’re looking to get Michael’s course, try to experiment with some techniques outside of it. I found myself doing more models outside of the course that in, and stopped at the Animated Lamp section, learned rigging and animating on my own, and just took off from there. :smile: But really, I honestly recommend everyone at least tries out his course.

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@Alex_Hetrick, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure to take a look at his classes =)

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