My first-person, party based RPG

Wanted to share what I feel is the ‘first moment’ in my game!

It is inspired by Might and Magic and Wizardry. These first person RPG games are sometimes called ‘blobbers’ - where the party moves together as one blob. I wanted to create an accessible turn based RPG that captures the strategy around creating and using a diverse party of characters. The game uses 5e D&D rules which are released under the OGL licence.

While an ex game developer and professional developer, I didn’t know anything about Unity development until starting the course. I backed it on kickstarter but didn’t start the courses until 5 months ago. Since then I have developed this game in my spare time - it still uses some of the underlying classes - like the ActionScheduler, projectiles, portals, saving system, etc. I wanted to focus on combat development so also there is liberal use of Unity assets from the store like a first person controller and radar map.

Many thanks to the course developers!


Hello Aimkaz,
According from watching the video that you shared. The game looks fun to play and the particle effects coming from the spells are visually good to look at. I suggest to change the arrow shooting particle effect to not have a very large white line coming out of it. You could make a particle effect for the arrow that has a smaller white line or you could also change the effect to make it better to look at. I like that the player stops as soon as the fights starts and the music changes to fight mode. Well done on making the game if you need play testers feel free to post the game.

Edit: I Believe by making the white line less viable it would look better.

Thank you very much for the feedback, really appreciate it. You are right - I made the arrow/stone visuals lighter and it looks much better. Funny how you can stare at something for so long and not see it! Check out the new video of the encounter - around 0:10 and 1:40 there are new arrow visuals.

For sure I will be needing testing help - thanks for offering and when the time comes I would love to send you a beta key.


Pretty neat, like a multi-person The Witcher game

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