My first model


I’m loving all the details here, especially in the arm, the middle of the leg is the only thing for me, in my eyes it looks as if a kneecap is bent backwards, that’s the only negative I could find(my opinion), however this is a pretty unique and detailed model, a colored version would prolly look even better, nice work!

Interesting and different cyborg?
Reversed knees like the front legs of quadrupeds, No reason not I suspect.
Double connection at each hip is interesting. It may be possible for it actually to work, walk. As it should be able to adjust those two connections to keep the centre of gravity over each leg in turn. Unlike all two legged mechs that could never actually walk.

Thank you for the critique, Christopher. I wanted to try the kneecaps backwards to see how it would look standing. Some angles look good, but in others it looks a little awkward. I will do a couple iterations with a straight standing pose as well. Have a great art day!

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Thanks a lot, NP5. I wanted to try out the reverse knees to see if it would look logical with a heavy top body. You brought the double connection at the hip to my attention. This makes me want to try a variety of iterations with the same idea. Thanks again. Have a good day.

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