My First Model in many years: Minecraft Godzilla

So a bit of background, I’d joined a University course back in about 2014 to learn Game Art Design, but was faced with a lot of hardships at the time between my father becoming sick and passing away and I wound up having to change courses. My tutors said I wasn’t keeping up with the rest of the students so I was encouraged to pursue a different qualification in graphic design. In retrospect I don’t think I was getting the support I really needed.

Cut to today and I’ve been studying how to code in Unity on my own at my own pace, and now I’m dipping my toes back into 3D modelling with Blender. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone involved in the development of these courses. You’re allowing me to pursue my dreams where circumstances otherwise have not.

I’m determined to pursue game design and these courses are helping me a great deal to reach that goal. Here’s my first model of Godzilla and honestly it’s probably better than anything I made at University using 3DSMax lol.


Welcome back!

Sorry to hear of your life problems, but now you can pursue your ideas in Blender!

A fine basic block monster.


Try to follow the lesson, getting to know Blender. Show us your progress.
Be persistent in your weekly challenges. The key is to practice a lot.

You can do it!


Thank you very much. Yeah I’m looking forward to learning at my own pace!

Trying to get a little in each day. Can be a bit overwhelming learning both Unity and Blender at the same time but it’s nice going at my own pace.

Thank you!

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