My first little project

Hey there!

I’m almost done with the dungeon part of the complete course and decided to play around a little … and that’s the result. Browsing YouTube inspired me to do some Pokémon stuff. As I’m not skilled enough for the cool stuff :sweat_smile: I decided to make some Poké balls and a antidote to practice some box modelling. I also tested some materials and HDRI stuff and explored the material nodes a bit … can be kinda confusing.

Nuff said. Here are the images. I created one in the park and a night version.

Hope you like it and let me know what you think!


I love how realistic this is!

Thanks :grin:

Your welcome :grin:

Welcome to the community by the way!

Thanks again. Wanted to start with 3D art for quite a while now and I’m happy to finally get my hands on it.

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