My first level design [Project Boost]



The colors in your scene are amazing. It has a real other-worldly feel to it with those jagged geometric objects. The tealish lightish foliage you have there is really cool too! What is the light ball towards the right of your scene?

GK :slight_smile:

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@GneissKitty Thanks for the feedback! , I have actually revised this level i can drop a screen shot. The ball in the lower right was supposed to be like a dbz escape pod type object but that didnt render as expected haha. I find it best to use something to inspire you like either a concept or art ect…anything that resonates with your end goal

so now i have the top bar hovering up and down to challenge the player

Level 1 :

This is the Inspiration i originally sparked my scheme by:

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I totally see the pod now. Easter eggs are so fun! I totally see your inspiration; that purple color looks amazing with those little orange accents. I like your teal accents too! I have yet to do moving stuff in my scenes but I’m sure it’ll be soon.

:slight_smile: GK

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I Appreciate your critique! :slight_smile: , I really want to take these challenges serious and use my skill to the best of my ability and its paying off in the academic category as well, I recommend “going all out” and testing yourself in every aspect

Whoa, Really like the color scheme! I’m also on project boost ATM. Here is my first level

I went for Kid playing with blocks in the garden.


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I like how alive your game is! i didn’t even think to manipulate z on obstacles! , I look forward to seeing your other levels and projects! remember go all out

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