My first job as an animator

Hello, I just want to share and motivate any new students, today I did my first job as an animator, it was for a streamer with the nickname oyster and I made him an oyster filled with popcorn for his channel. Even though I have yet to complete the course, with my knowledge I am already ready to make very nice designs and animations :smiley:


Great job George! Can’t wait until I reach that part of the course.

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That is really motivating! :smiley: Good job!

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good work and thank for the push to continue>!!:grinning:

Thanks, guys, I also did this recently, it is not much but I like the way it turned out, the course doesn’t do a very good job at explaining animating and advanced rigging and surely I would like to see it in more depth but with a bit of research it’s not that hard to grasp.


Hello guys,
I have purchased this course today.
I have already watched lot of videos on youtube for learning Blender. But unfortunately I gave around 2 weeks but I have not learnt this software that much.
I hope this course and your contribution will enable me to learn this software and help me work on tasks that I have joined this course for.

Great job!

Both your animations are wonderful!

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