My First Game

I made this with the Unity 3D beginners course and I took months trying to add new things and failing a lot until I realized that I needed to release something not as good so I can put more effort into other things. Please play and tell me what I can improve on for next time. Any feedback is appreciated.


nicely done :slight_smile: love the design! I noticed some jitter when the ship came up to speed, i had the same thing, i changed from Update to FixedUpdate and that made it go away for me :slight_smile:

It’s a good start but I would restrict the player more in terms of where they can fly, currently, every level just feels like “fly over the thing in the middle”. Also, avoid adding invisible walls if you can help it, put something there to communicate to the player that they can’t cross a certain point.

On the third level, there’s a glitch that turns your rocket around into the background, this can be easily solved by locking the rigid body rotation on the X axis (or Z if your camera is rotated 90 degrees for some reason)

Lastly, I got stuck on the level with transparent boxes (I think it’s the 4th one), it’s not clear what to do or if it’s the last level and there’s no more game. Reaching the finish platform just killed me every time, I tried turning on all the boxes but that didn’t change anything.

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Just something I like to look at when posting on older threads, I usually go into the persons profile and see when they were last “seen”, in this case, the user hasn’t been seen in 4 months which was a few days after they started, so the likelihood of them seeing this is pretty unlikely, just something to think about, same thing goes with the other person who posted this. I really like the comments you make on others posts, however it isn’t very worth it if the person doesn’t visit gamedev tv. Your choice though, just an honest opinion from me.

They may come back or someone else looking through other people’s projects could read the feedback and go “aha” because it could apply to something they did in their game as well.
Not to be rude but you literally make it a point to like and reply on nearly every single post. I’m not gonna judge you for it, you do you, but you’re the last person to give lectures on what’s worth replying to or not lol.

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Ok you do have a point lol, however I only reply on relevant posts, I reply often because it’s good for new users to feel encouraged, also many other do this such a fedpete and np5… I am not trying to discourage you however I’d rather post 10-30 times in a day to a post that came out an hour ago than to post on a 4 month old post… Also, I have only posted 1.2k times which isn’t much when you looks at some others

Also I’m pretty sure there is somebody who has posted 14k times… However that might be me in a couple years

I won’t go digging through old posts and leaving extensive comments on them, but this post got bumped to the community feed so it was already there and since it’s an actual “finished” project I see it as more relevant then something like a progress update. I can only speak for myself but I’m much more likely to go through the posts on the final lecture where people share their games to see what they made and what others are saying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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That’s fair, I tend to try to comment on everything to give encouragement like I said before, I have recently tried to comment a little less, I also noticed that i have liked 51 of your posts, which I found was pretty interesting, I see your point, and tbh this post was mentioned to me, so if i hadnt looked at the time i would have done the sane thing as you. I will say, commenting on finished projects is probably a better idea.

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