My first demo RPG ( thanks to Rick and Ben) and their whole team


I am grateful for everything i learned here on this amazing course and I am proud that i have finished a demo of a game. Looking forward to the next RPG course by you guys.

Here is a Demo video of the game :

Custom menu :

Dropbox link for the installation :


New videos, as my old ones were removed from the uploaded page.


Looks good, keep at it. Are you also doing the AwesomeTuts RPG course as well? Menu seemed very similar.


You can just upload your videos to the forum, as long as they are under 10mb, best to upload as .mp4. Alternatively, upload to YouTube and just paste the URL in to your post and they will be embedded for you. I’ve not heard of Streamable before, but it looks like that’s where the issue lies.


Thank you very much.

I don’t know about AwesomeTuts course, but I used this youtube tutorial as a learning point :


Yeah that is where the issue is, thank you either way. :slight_smile:


I’m not in this course but it’s the next one I plan to take, I am really impressed with this!
Very cool work, when the player unlocks an ability it might be neat to say, “You have unlocked supernova (or whatever ability)”, I’ve always been frustrated when a game tells me I’ve unlocked something but I have to dig through menu’s to figure out what it is I unlocked. Anyways I really like the mini-map and some of the particle effects.


Well I can really recommend this course. It’s really neat, it teaches you a lot. It’s great value for anyone either starting or intermediate level. The mini-map and some other stuff are not from the course, but I would still recommend it to you.

Thanks for the input, this was my first game. I agree that more explanation on abilities would go a long way. :slight_smile: Thank you once more. :smiley:


You’re welcome! I love rpg’s and adventure games, so the RPG course is definitely on my to-do list.
Good luck in your journey as a game developer! Your game footage was inspiring to me, very cool!