My First animation scene with Blender,


I chose to make a chess scene and then make an animation, it took me 5 months and a lot of work, I reused the pieces of unit 4 to help me model the new ones. Sory for my bad english, i hope you like it


Beautiful !

Wow 5 months !


FABULOUS!! Such smooth animation of the pieces, and the camera movement is wonderful. I also really like the music you chose to use, as it was perfect for the movement of the pieces.


A M A Z I N G !

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

It’s a beautiful piece of work. Five months of work turned into a quality piece of work. With no concessions of any kind. The contrast, instead of black and white, between metal and wood is very well thought of. I like the wooden pieces, simple but still detailed. Lighting, animation and the build up of the chess piece interactions is well designed.

The music, the story, the animation, all fit nicely together. So I flagged @Michael_Bridges, he must see this.

You have shown stamina, because it’s difficult to keep up the spirit for such a long project. Well done!


Absolutely beautiful @Eduardo. Keep up the good work

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Beautiful piece of work! I loved every minute of it. It was a very high quality piece of art. That will make for an awesome Portfolio piece. You have a good eye for drama and those models were very nice. If you feel a slap on the back that is just me giving you a virtual pat for a job well done!!!


Thank you for the beautiful and encouraging words!
yes! I would love to work on this soon, meanwhile, I will continue learning

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