My First Animation! :D

Here it is, any feedback will be highly appreciated! :100:
Art design, 3D modelling, rigging and animation made by me.

Software: Blender 3D
Render Info:
Resolution 1280x720
Samples: 500
Time: 14hrs


LOL - love it!! I want to see more though!! Those 12 seconds ended faaaar too quickly!..


Thank you Rob! Yes, this was my first attempt animating. It took 14 hours but I’m satisfied :slight_smile:


Woah! That’s an investment of time! Was that to create it all or process it?

When the lamp stops in mid air it has a Matrix feel to it, would be a great opportunity to move the camera around the lamp :slight_smile:

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That’s the render time! And yes haha, I liked it!



When I start using Blender I’m not sure how I will manage as I can’t image not using my laptop for any significant period of time… I guess perhaps a separate machine for those long renders!

Really nice work though, enjoyed watching it :slight_smile:

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I’m in a laptop too! You could use both, GPU and CPU to render at the same time by opening your file twice and setting them up the correct way, but it’s a laptop. I didn’t want to force it like that. Later I will change to a desktop hopefully. Thanks for the feedback Rob! :smiley:


That’s interesting to know - thanks for sharing - and you’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

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I was just getting into it and immediately thought of the Pixar light animation and then it finished :slight_smile:. As @Rob said, it ended far too quickly - but, it was incredibly cool though :sunglasses:. Are we going to get more in the future?


@Vaughan_MacEgan Thank you very much! Well, I’m a Systems Engineering student in my last semester right now and will start working full time too. I’m trying to finish my Blender Complete Course first and will try to manage my time for it. It will probably take time, but I will!


We will be here when you have any updates or other pieces of work you want to share :slight_smile:

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@Hoakin1995 Nice Animation! I think you did a great job with it! I never could make mine work so decided animation is just not my thing! :slight_smile:

@Rob If you don’t use a mouse with your laptop, you might want to consider one of the small wireless ones. I have a laptop but do not care for the track pad so bought one of the small wireless Logitech one and made a huge difference, although normally, I run Blender on my Desktop…the lappy is just so I don’t go out somewhere and start having computer withdrawals…or, heaven forbid, something happens to the desk top again.

I would like to figure out how to use my Apple Pen with Blender at least when I use grease pencil and the new freehand curve feature in 2.74.

Hey @Morgaine_Christensen,

Yeah I use a wireless mouse also… just thought perhaps Blender may need something higher spec, and when I hear about all these long render times I really wouldn’t want my laptop consumed for that long without me really being able to use for much else… was thinking a separate machine may be beneficial as and when…

I would also like to get one of those pen/tablets but wouldnt know which were any good…

I gave up on rendering some of my scenes with Render…I been setting the passes higher for the render function in the actual viewport menu so takes less time. They look just as good usually and take a lot less time, plus I have more freedom of movement with the camera. So, there are ways around it. I think Micheal is just demonstrating all of Blender’s functions because the course is comprehensive but, you are not really forced to use Render. I know someone on the Forums uses different software to Render than Blender so it could be less labor intensive to your machine as well.

Me, I am a Mac girl so I am biased, although at work we PCs so I am familiar with both Win and Mac. If expense is not an option, I would look at the iPad Pro…12.5 inch and an Apple Pen. I am really happy with the iPad Pro and use it as much as my desktop. There is software called ProCreate for like 6.00 USD, that is great for sketching and drawing using layers like you would with Photoshop. Plus, you can use apple pen, Studio 54 pencil or wacom pens. There is an interface software called Astropad, I use between iPad and desktop to interface with Photoshop so I can actually edit in Photoshop for fine detail on the iPad interface… it’s pretty cool so I am pleased. I haven’t tried it with Blender yet but not sure it will interface. Just not enough hours in the day!

I have so much to learn! Will have to start soon but still have other things going on… thanks for all the info though :slight_smile:

Like anything, go prepared to your neighborhood computer store(s) and ask to test them out. Get what you are most comfortable with and what fits your budget; otherwise, in the long run you won’t be happy! This like my 3rd iPad and for me they just keep getting better with what all they can do…LOL but then again, I remember the world before we had personal computers!

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One of the lectures in the class discusses it. Basically save your blender file right before you are about to start rendering. Then, leaving that copy of blender open, open another copy of blender with the same file.

Change one of the blenders to be the first half of the images (you’ll need to run timing to see what half means for your computer.) so if it was a 120 frame animation, set one for 0 to 60 and the other copy of blender from 61 to 120.

Change the rendering type on one of them to GPU and the other CPU. Then cook away!

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Just out of curiosity, did you try it with less samples? I had a translucent glass lamp shade and it was speckled until I ran it with that many samples. But without the glass bulb in my lamp, I could get away with a bunch less.

@GymMammoth Nop, I haven’t. Thanks for the info, I will try it later!

It looks really good! I like the idea about flying, I can’t wait to get mine too .

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