My first animated 3D ORC

Finished the course and my first orc, really proud, made a lot of mistakes which was great because it helped me know what to be more carefull next time.
Video of my orc


Great original orc design and an excellent walk cycle. I can feel the weight or that orc’s steps. Great job keeping the shoulder piece from clipping into the orc mesh. You may want to adjust the influence weight of the loin cloth as it appears to be attached to the legs so it stretches unnaturally.

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Thx man, yea i did not actually pay any attention on the loin cloth as i felt that this is a topic for future projects.

And now as I’m building my second character i have a huge problem with adding cloth mechanics to a loin cloth and a cape :smiley: here is a preview of the second more complex character I’m working on. I have problems because Blender’s cloth mechanics do not behave as they should and I’m trying to find out why :smiley:

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That evil-looking Knight looks sweet! It’s like a cylon and the Black Knight had a child!

There are a few ways to get around the cloth issue without resorting to cloth simulation. They require more manual work.

  1. you could rig the cloak and front piece, similar to how you rigged the orc character. Add bones to the cloak and then hand animate it to match the Knight’s movements - adjusting so the cloak doesn’t clip through the armor.

  2. you could use a lattice deformer to animate the cloak. I’ve done this in Maya but not in Blender so I can’t direct you on how to do that, however, I think I saw the option in the modifiers tab.

Of course, getting the cloth sim to work would look super cool and would be a more hands off approach (and thus potentially faster).

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