My first 3rd Person action adventure game so far

I made this level prototype for the first challenge of this course :slight_smile:

My Level Prototype


Great work! I love the puzzle you set up at 0:45 near the end. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, teacher! :slight_smile:

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I did the practice of the spheres puzzle for the challenge course :slight_smile:
Any suggestions are welcome!

YouTube: Spheres Puzzle Course Challenge

I recently added pickup coins for the challenge of the course!
Feel free to comment any suggestion :slight_smile:


Video: YouTube: Pickup Coins

Hi @MikeTheTech

I did the exersice. The only difference, is that instead of connecting blueprints inside of the Third Person Character Blueprint, I made a couple of Actor Components to cover all character movements (including the walking, running, and camera movement).

I thought this way because I think that it could be easier to be reusable :slight_smile:

Here are the screenshots:

And here is the video: YouTube exercise completed: Walking/Running

What do you think?

Hey! Nice game aesthetic! There are lots of ways to set up the blueprints and your method is very creative! You may just need to tweak some of the blueprints in future lessons that reference these, as the code may be different with this setup.

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Thank you for the compliment! Iā€™m glad you find my approach creative. Iā€™m willing to make adjustments to the blueprints in future lessons to ensure that the code works correctly with this setup. Iā€™m excited to continue learning and adapting my blueprints as needed!

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