My first 3D model ever!

I know, it’s just an arch, but being a unity developer for years now, i never really approached the “modeling” side of the coin! But now I’m so glad I’m doing it!

With Cycles

With Eevee


Looks great.Nice lighting by the way.And it looks like you had fun duplicating and arranging cubes.
Like Mike said in the course,nothing as therapeutic as stacking blocks one above the other.Have fun.
One of your cubes at the left on the arc looks like its floating in free space .You can scale or move it a little to connect it to the others.


Good start to modelling.


Thank you for the tip, I didn’t noticed the floating brick! :slight_smile:

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Good start and lamp edition. For future reference, you will want to stack your bricks so that the cracks don’t line up (except at the top). More sturdy that way.


Looks good!

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