My finnished Crystal Cavern Game

I finished the first 2 sections of the unreal blueprint course, and spent the next few days after work creating this. Let me know if theres a better way to upload my unreal projects, and if you take the time to play it, Id love some feedback! Thanks!

I added:

  • A shield that you can pick up that blocks one shot
  • A trigger volume actor that when crossed by the player teleports you to a corresponding target point in the world. Its a great way to set up checkpoints, or to get more creative with your level desgn, while insuring the player will still be able to get back to the rest of the level. its very easy to use for level designers
  • A clock that counts up so you can see how fast you complete each level
  • A crystal counter so you can see if you missed any crystals
  • and a golden crystal that acts as the end point, and moves you to the next level.
  • also, esc is used to quit, and you can used wasd or arrow keys to move. (both to move fast)


I recently added a pause menu and a main menu that can be used to select specific levels.

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