My finished Stealth Game (The Mastermind)

I have just finished this excellent course thanks to Gorka Games and I decided to theme my game based on the TV Show Mr. Robot, as I am a fan of the show, and it really fit with the theme and mechanics of a stealth game. Probably my favourite tutorial course to date, and I learned a ton by following the videos. I added a few features of my own, and had great fun doing this.

Here is my project page, which has a YouTube video of the gameplay for any who can’t download the game:
The Mastermind (Mr. Robot Video Game) by OddPhishGames

Thanks again to the team! I much appreciate these super useful courses.


Great stuff! You can tell a bunch of hard work went into it! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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Thanks Stephen. Yeah I worked hard on it but couldn’t have done it without following the course. I learned many valuable skills. I am now trying to make an endless runner game.


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