My finished Action Adventure game (Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen)

This is one of the best courses I have completed to date, very in depth and I learned many new skills such as saving and loading the game. The game I created was inspired by Gordon Ramsey, in Hell’s Kitchen. I made some assets myself such as the rifle, cleaver, and torch. The enemies were brought in from Mixamo. Unfortunately I had to remove a couple of features such as the QTE due to the engine crashing when I tried to implement it, also the AI in the packaged game was acting differently than they were in engine and I didn’t know how to fix that. Finally I added some audio and music.

There are a few features I would have liked to add, but I will be re-doing the whole course at some point, so I can add what was missing next time around. Until then I will be trying the Stealth game course, and also revisiting some of the courses on here which I have done before.

Here is a video of the gameplay:

And here is my page for anybody interested in playing the game:
Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen by OddPhishGames

Thanks again to Mike and the team for such good tutorials.

This is super cool!! Great job!!

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Thanks Viduttam, I had a lot of fun making it. Now I’m making an endless runner.

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