My 'Finish It!' Progress

I am working on the Finish It! course and just started section 4. The project I will be working on is the RPG course, which is funny since it’s the course Rick is talking about as his personal example. I got most of the way thru the RPG course on the original/old content, but am going to restart it now that the new content has been released and seems pretty far along.

I am hoping my sister will be my accountability buddy, and have left her a message letting her know I have something to ask. She just finished her last final in her Master’s degree Friday, so hopefully is looking for a new challenge. I won’t see her until tonight or Wednesday at our weekly d&d game. I want to ask her in person, so it may be a few days until I actually get a chance to ask her to help me.

I have decided on a consequence to not meeting our goals each week: one level of exhaustion for our characters for the entire game session if we do not meet our weekly goals. I think she will also find it both funny and a good incentive to meet goals like me.

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That’s interesting with the one level of exhaustion idea. Keep it up! I can’t wait to see what you make when you finish the RPG Course.

I’m loving this idea and may use something similar in my next tabletop RPG game.

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