My final render of low poly house (Night scene)


first of all, what an amazing course! It was really instructive and full of tips! I had some previous experience with Blender, specifically with a famous Youtube Donut Tutorial but here I’ve learned a bit more about modelling.

Here’s my own scene:

I’ve decided to do in in portrait mode since I wanted to have a nice night scenery with a (low-poly) moon. I also added a few more things like a rooster at the beam, fireflies and fog on the pond and volumetric smoke. I also played with world texture and lighting. The stars are rendered procedurally and combined with Blender’s sky texture. I used some additional Youtube tutorials to made these adjustments. I’m really satisfied with the result.

Thank you and I hope my render will inspire other aspiring “Blenderers” :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s higher quality render:


I love the nightly but also warm colors. Front (left) warm, right (back) cool.
The moon fits the overall style, well done!

Fun Hen on the roof Apex and nice lighting render.

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