My Final Ogre + Progress

Here’s my final ogre model, rendered front and back.

I wanted to go with a bit more of a friendly ogre look (a big, lovable oaf) so I tried to give him a bit more of a smile and some bigger, friendlier looking eyes. There are definitely plenty of areas that could use more polish, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out for the sake of the course.

I also took some progress photos since I always find them very interesting to see from others. It was fun to go back and see how much the model evolved and changed over time.

Initial blockout and sculpt:

Accessory and detail sculpt:

Manual retopology and baking normal maps:

Texture paint: & test import into Unreal 5:

And finally, a gif of my ogre really feeling himself :slight_smile:

Overall this course was a lot of fun and really informative. I learned a ton and was surprised at how much I was able to accomplish in the end. I’m excited to continue my Blender journey with the Anime Character course next!



Clearly you had a lot of fun with this project! I like the idea of going with a friendly ogre, nice job!


LOL what a sassy ogre! Great job!

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