My final medieval castle render (most realistic glass I've done)

I had one issue with stained glass that rays wasn’t pass thru glass shader.
fix - transparent shader mixed with emission =)


HI, your solution is ok, but this is a more acurate solution.
Basicaly what it does is that when a shadow ray is casted is will act as if it is transparent.
(beter render times and brighter scenes)

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Hi, thanks for advice =)
I definitely should try it!

Hey ! Thanks for tip, i tried your method, but something is missing in my opinion (emission type):
check result without adding emission shader:
And then with:

Thank you so much for this! I added these nodes to my model and it made a huge difference.
Before (but with volumetric lighting):

After adding these nodes (without volumetric lighting):

After, and with volumetric lighting (looks like someone’s been going a little heavy on the incense in there):

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Awesome, moved to #blender:showcase for you :slight_smile:

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