My Final Mayan Pyramid

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Took a while to clear some troubles but… yeah, I did it!


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Wow, that’s impressive :smiley:

here’s my basic pyramid :smile:

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Hi everybody.

Did a few hours work on my Mayan pyramid (based on El Castillo or the Pyramid of Kukulkan) at Chichen Itza, Mexico. Luckily there are plenty high res photos available on google to use for reference.

I made a few different version of the base, but couldn’t get it the way I wanted, finally i just modelled on side of one corner with full detail, used the array tool to create 8 copies in steps. scaled and adjusted the detail to match the reference. Then I joined and welded everything together, choose all the seams and unwrapped it.
Once the UV’s were done, I used a combination of mirror and rotate to create the other side of the corner, joined and welded it, then finally duplicated linked copies and rotated them round for the other 3 corners. I used linked duplicate so I could make adjustments later.

The stairs and the stair rails are separate objects and just required a little adjustment. The Temple at the top was basic loops, indents and extrudes, with a few cylinders and cubes at the entrance. I’ll finish he materials once I’ve learned the material editor.


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