My final island render

this is my final rendering of the island I have made :grin: I have to say I am really proud of the end results, I would have shown off more of the island in different lights but for some reason my renders started taking a crazy amount of time like one frame at a time instead of its normal 4-8 and I’m not sure why :sweat_smile: :thinking:oh that and i saved over some of my earlier renders apparently so I cant show off the islands transformation :expressionless:. either way I’m proud to show off the end results on this :grin: . looking forward to hearing feedback as always!! Definitely feeling accomplished after a big project like this and completing the course!!


I’m liking the second render best, most likely because of the late afternoon/early evening lighting. The first render looks great, but seeing so many variations with the darker lighting, I tend to like that sort of lighting for this scene better.


Very nicely done, good work with the water surface.
Lights on and daylight is a little incongruous. Probably be better with much less sunlight for night scenes.

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thank you :grin: I was planning on changing the scene for a daytime render but it suddenly started taking crazy time to render my images not sure why :sweat_smile: so I just used a couple of the shots I took before I changed it to daytime scene.

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thank you :grin: I definitely like the darker atmosphere myself, but it was nice making the variations to see what it would look like :slightly_smiling_face:.

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